We are Comme Deux!

Yeah, that means ‘Like Two’ in French because in all we do, we think in two. You + Me = Us, right? And together we are Comme Deux.

Danish makeup and skin care

Are we French? Mais non. We are actually a Danish company that set off in Copenhagen a little over a year ago.

We started off by going through hundreds of in-depth feedbacks from you by asking what you liked best about makeup and skin care routines, what products don’t work, which ones do and a lot of other stuff too.

We needed that to co-create the best and most useful products in your makeup bag. Cool, right?


We care about beauty freedom!

In beauty, fashion and lifestyle (maybe even life in general) we feel like there are so many rules and expectations.

You need to look like this, use your highlighter like that, wear your scarf as a top, go hard on your career, drink lots of water, have mattified non-oily skin. No wait, that was last year; have dewy, fresh skin.

Feel overwhelmed yet? Yeah, we do too. And so we wondered what would happen, if we broke the rules and took that pressure out of the equation? It would be pretty god damn nice, wouldn’t it?

For us, this is what beauty freedom is about.


Defining beauty as you want it to be defined

This also means that we do not use professional models in our campaigns. I mean, cool if models use our products and we’ll definitely repost the photos on instagram, but we really want to celebrate real wo-men out there. People with attitude, something to say and a definite point of view.


Who are you? Become a Comme Deux Club member.

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