Co-created makeup and skin care

Are we French? Mais non. We are actually a Danish company that set off in Copenhagen a few years ago in 2017.

Comme Deux is born in sisterhood, and that’s a legacy we live and breath everyday. You see, we wanted to offer you guys beauty products that are actually useful to you, and we did that with help from our sisters at Goodiebox. Through thousands and thousands of feedback from the Goodiebox members, we learned a lot! Like, A LOT about you, and you actually shaped the products you find here today.

Fact is, we couldn’t have got here without you guys, or without our Goodiebox sisterhood, which made it possible to co-create the best and most useful products in your makeup bag. Cool, right?

We believe in beauty freedom

We don’t know about you guys, but we feel like there are plenty of rules in life already, and beauty is no exception.

You should look like this, use your highlighter like that, wear your scarf as a top, work on your career, drink lots of water, have mattified, non-oily skin. No wait, that was last year; have dewy, glowy skin.

We mean phew! When did everything become so complicated? We decided to break the rules and take that pressure and complexity out of the equation. Leaving only space for you to do beauty one way; your way. Exactly how it should be!

Join the Club

So, do you want to be in on the journey to co-create future Comme Deux products? And do you want to share how you practise beauty freedom in your life? Cool because we need you in our wo-men squad!

Sign up for the #commedeuxclub below, share your Comme Deux moment by tagging us and #commedeuxclub on your favourite SoMe platform, write us your wishes, ideas and experiences and let’s shape this little part of your world together. Like two.

our real life comme deux