Face masks

You know your face (you’ve had it all your life). You know how your skin feels day to day. And you know what works. We know what works, too. We use ingredients that are there because they work, and we let go of the rest. We ask that you do the same. You’re the boss, so do beauty your way. Down with the beauty routine and up with beauty freedom. F#?k yeah!

face mask

  1. #yellowpaint
    € 18.00
    Re-load your glow
  2. #powernap
    € 27.00
    Overnight face mask
  3. #pinkpaint
    € 18.00
    Stressed or tired skin?
  4. #paintmasks
    € 40.00
    A super combo for your skin
  5. #discoskin
    € 27.00
    Looking to really pamper your skin?
  6. #bluepaint
    € 18.00
    Liberation of clogged pores
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