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#powernap with Ericka Jane

We want to give it up for young creatives who share their stories without compromise, without fear (almost), but with a ton of fresh attitude. We visited Ericka Jane, musician and overall boss woman, at her house in Copenhagen, for a little chit chat about being real, perfection and expectations. Du-du-du-duuuum…


“I want to be as honest and real as possible in everything I do. When I was younger, I dreamt of being dramatic and grandiose like Beyoncé and Britney Spears. Honestly, I still do - who doesn’t, right? - but in my own way. And that’s when I’m the best; when I’m just being me. Whatever that is.”

Business & #powernap

“When I run from one job to another and I have an important meeting early in the morning, I feel confident not worrying about my skin looking tired, dry and puffy. I have the freedom to just be me! The fact that #powernap does its magic overnight make it even simpler for me.”

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“I used to spend so much energy on questions like: Am I doing this right? Do they like my sound? Do I look good enough? Basically I pushed myself to constantly live up to all the expectations that all of us are facing every day. What I figured out as I got older, is that nothing is perfect, and that you shouldn’t expect perfection from yourself or anyone else around you. Honestly, if anything; imperfections are perfect. “


“All I do, my music included, is tied up in some kind of emotion. It can be sad, sexy or silly, clubbing or cuddle-up-in-bed, but they are all expressions of a creative head-space I find myself in at a given moment. You’d call it inspiration I assume, but for me, music is just a natural outlet for my emotions. My new single: ‘Better Off’ is a little more sad and sensitive, but with that special RnB vibe that I love.”

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No compromises

”To Comme Deux beauty, makeup and skincare is all about empowering and creating a space for you to be exactly as you are. Without compromise. I love that!"

We're pretty hyped about that, too.