• Name
    Sofie Sol Sjøstrand @solsofie
  • Age
    26 y.o.
  • Current Occupation
    Founder of @sofiesolstudio.
Who inspires you
In general, I'm very inspired by passionate women with drive and positive vibes.I get inspired by people I am surrounded by daily. I have some extremely strong and talented friends that work in different areas than mine, and they inspire me a lot. They contantly amaze me by their courage, power to get things moving and explore the talent within them.
What's the best thing about your job
I'm so amazed by all the many great women I've met since I started my business. It's so wonderful to get to much advice and recognition from everyone. I feel so supported by everyone.It keeps me moving forward and it makes my creativity stay alive. I am my own boss, and that is also quite amazing.
Beauty Tips
Being kind makes you look beautiful - always! On a more practical note, I get some professional treatments oce in a while so I can skip a lot of the boring everyday steps. Lash lifts andbrow shaping are my favorites, it may seem a bit pricey, but it is money well spent. My daily routines are very convenient. Iam really into everything that shines bright and comes in sticks. It seems like the products last longer and I find them more hygienic.