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The Love Bundle

The ultimate threesome

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Say hello to the love of your lips! You asked for a lip oil, we created #liplove. This Valentine's you get all three colours: the rose, the red and the peach. The colour doesn't transfer onto the lips, but leaves only the classic, transparent look. Cool, huh?

✓ Perfume free 
✓ Vegan friendly

Co-created in Copenhagen. Produced in EU.

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Crystal clear lip oil
You asked for a lip oil, we created #liplove. Colourful, but not on the lips. A moisturiser for the lips that uses the power of colour to visually spoil the eye but with the classic, underplayed, transparent look on the lips.

Ultra-rich & nourishing
This is not a lip gloss, but an ultra-rich and nourishing lip product, packed with targeted natural oils like prickly pear, protective squalane and handpicked vitamins… (ok it is C,E,F).

Long-lasting, lip-smacking glam effect
Red, rose, peachy all look different in the clutch, over-alls, gym bag or on insta but they all have the same transparent look on the lips. All long lasting. Check. All with glam effect. Check. All transparent on the lips. Check. All love. Check. Ohh, they’re also all long-lasting.

Use it alone or under or over a lipstick. Morning, noon, or night. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… You really can’t get too much #liplove.

Built for protection and regeneration, we swear squalane was Superwoman’s original sidekick. No wait, that was something else. But really, this stuff is just brilliant for intense lip care because of – you got it – the protective, regenerating, moisturising capabilities. Kaboom.

Oh vitamin F, we don’t hear your name that often but you’re the special, slightly more exotic cousin to some of the other vitamins (don’t tell A to E we said that). And it just so happens that linseed acid is very rich in vitamin F. Hooray. This powerful F really boosts the restructuring and elasticity of the lips, while also creating a barrier from strong winds, low/high temperatures, and other wearing factors that can make your lips look lush-LESS

Meet vitamin E, one of the key players you’ll want on your lip team. A very powerful antioxidant that cares for and protects your lips, this extraordinary E doesn’t stop there. It also helps rebuild dry and flaky lips and prevents damage caused by free radicals from UV exposure. Phew.

It really doesn’t sound nice, does it? It’s a shame because it is nice. In fact, it’s really REALLY nice. It’s a bit like when you were a kid and you just wanted a different name to the one your parents picked. Well, for Ascorbyl Tetraiso – never mind – it just kinda stayed that way. Until now. We’re rallying to rename her Miss Pure-Source of Vitamin C. Miss Energising Antioxidant. Or Miss ‘I help stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen’. (The first two are catchy. The last one, not so much.)

At last, a cool name (and one that we can say)! This moisturising, soothing oil is quickly gaining momentum in the skincare world and rightfully so. Prickly Pear is extremely rich in vitamin E and loaded with fatty acids and omega-6s, making it (arguably) one of the most powerful, luxurious skincare ingredients on the market. And best of all, it’s on our team. Go us.

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