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Want that lit-from-within look without a white stripe in sight? Of course you do! Unleash natural, next-level illumination with our flawless highlighter #flash.

Developed for those who were born to glow – let’s face it, that’s all of us – we searched far and wide for the best, ultra-refined (we repeat) ultra-refined color pearls to give you that goddess-like glow that goes from day to night. And we succeeded.

With a subtle rose tint that suits every face, use #flash on your cheeks and eye lids for a queen-like beam. Or dust it over your cleavage and shoulders to dazzle wherever you go.

✓ Perfume free
✓ Vegan friendly 

Co-created in Copenhagen. Produced in EU

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Ultra-refined pearls for natural, next-level luminosity
Glitter stripes are great (they worked for David Bowie!), but not when it comes to make-up highlighters. So we found the best and finest pigments to bring you the #flash effect – natural, next-level illumination and not a white stripe in sight!

Melts onto skin for an endless flawless glow
Designed to magically melt and blend onto your skin, the color pearls of wisdom in #flash reign supreme until you decide it’s time to take them off. So you can go from day to night in one swoop. Boom.

Lightweight luxury texture
Using quality ingredients (nothing more, nothing less), the satin-soft texture won’t weigh you down. So you can glow all night.

This #flash highlighter works perfectly with your favourite blush, powder or eye shadow brush. Just build it up until you get the look you like. It’s that simple.

For the perfect pick-up and melt-down of the pigments, we recommend using powder brushes with synthetic fibres.

We love silica. A clever mineral that comes from sandstone and granite, we’ve micronized its magic into an ultra-fine powder to create that satin-soft, naturally highlighted look.

Mica, Mica, you are really nature’s glitter. Ahem. But rhyming aside, Mica is a true mineral hero and our secret weapon for creating that flawless finish, whether you’re going for a full-on makeup look or a natural, healthy-looking glow.

Is actually the long name for cotton seed oil. Soft as cotton fibers and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, this extremely nourishing oil is essential to the #flash effect. Why? Because just like skin needs moisture to look good, makeup needs moisture to go on good. Cotton seed oil provides that moisture and helps #flash to magically melt and blend onto your skin. So you can rock that natural-looking radiance the easy way.

For that natural ‘hello there’ highlighter effect, you need ultra-refined (we repeat) ultra-refined color pigments. So we’ve saved you from stripy cheeks by handpicking micro-sized pearls that take your illumination to the next level. These color pearls of wisdom also magically melt onto your skin and stays there until you decide it’s time to take them off. So you can go from day to night in one swoop. Boom.

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    Really nice glow

    really loved this one! Used it on the cheekbones which looked amazing and then later on the eyelids – so pretty!

    • Super Cool!