Discodrops 15 ml

We love when a beauty product has more than one function and the Discodrops serum is no exception.

Here’s a little guide to make sure you’ll get the most out of Discodrops.

1. Pre-treatment Apply
1 drop directly onto dry areas of the skin that need some extra love and attention. Let is dry, and proceed to use it as a classic serum (point 2).

2. As a classic serum
Apply 2-3 drops on cleansed skin (face and neck) and massage gently into the skin in smooth, circular movements. This step is to treat a skin issue or to prepare the skin to get the most out of the next products in your skin care routine. Follow up with your face cream and/or face oil.

3. In a combination with the Discoskin face mask
The effect of the Discodrops is boosted if used daily (am/pm) along with 1-2 weekly treatments with the Discoskin exfoliating face mask.
The “magic link” is the presence of the active bakuchiol in Discodrops in combination with the active mandelic acid in Discoskin.
A very potent combo to glow-boost the skin and speed up good skin results.