A Copenhagen beauty brand
Founded in the happiest place in the world, Copenhagen, Comme Deux was started by a bunch of beauty lovers who had an idea: can we make our customers happier by listening to what they want?
It turned out the answer was yes. We have open and honest conversations with our community that helps us create high-quality skincare and makeup products.

Products with character
We have an eye for unconventional (surprising) textures, fun product names, and quirky colors. Because honestly: who decided that skincare has to be a white cream in a boring, scientific-looking tube that could only be used in one way?
Our focus is to cherish and love what is actually in the products (why all the focus on what is not in) effective ingredients, functional concentrations,
wow-for-the-eye textures and packaging that works!

Co-created with the community
Comme Deux has been community- driven since day one. Everything we do is inspired by our community.  We genuinely make informed decisions based on their feedback as testing with our community is now also the official last step before any of our formulations come to the market.