- sun kissed with #glowup bronzer

they have noticed us

That Comme Deux name, though

Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to ask about it. So, did you know that Comme Deux means “Like Two” in French? Non? Well, in everything we do – from the #discoskin packaging to our #blushup colours to the texture of our #liplove – we think about you. Et voilà! Comme Deux. Like Two.

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Comme Deux Club favorites

Effective skin pampering coming right up!

Here’s what the beauty editor of HYPEBAE says:
“The other masks are sure to be an Instagram favorite too, especially the aptly named #discoskin which exfoliates skin, removes impurities and literally gives you an iridescent, IG-filter-come-to-life look when applied.”

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